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OPTION 3 - Vision Mapping:

vision and idea development for business owners, thought leaders and start-ups

Juggling with big ideas, innovative projects and complex decisions can be a lonely, overwhelming process. The big picture is critical to inspire and engage others in your vision.

Would you like support to talk out loud, explore or renew your vision, see the big picture, resolve dilemmas and move forward with new insights? 

I help business owners, leaders and small teams to clarify their vision and to energize their actions. I will ask some guiding questions to help you refine your thoughts. You talk, I draw. You see what is emerging, and feel ready to build and grow. You leave with a  wall size poster to keep your new vision front and center, while you start taking the first action steps.

Clarity is priceless: it saves you stress, loss of time and focus and generates all sorts of new energy.

Investment for a two hour-session at one of my flexible office locations or at your office in the Denver metro area, or via Skype: $749. This includes a follow-up conversation via phone.

If you are looking for more finished artwork and strategic illustration, I can create a studio version of your map at additional cost.


OPTION 2 - Do It Yourself:

Sketch & Tell

Engage your audience in the most direct and human communication medium: live drawing.  We help you prepare "low tech, high touch" flip chart sketches to include in your pitch, on-boarding and sales conversations, training programs or presentations.

An ideal solution for people who like Dan Roam's "The back of the napkin", but need help to prepare their pictures.

The design and production process:
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Prices start at $1,250 for a storyboard and five key pictures that you can easily draw yourself.

OPTION 1 - Visual meetings:

Effective meetings with clear outcomes

Getting people together in a room for strategic planning, innovation, or team building is a big investment. 

The added value comes from shared fact-finding and face-to-face sensemaking, resulting in greater overview and deeper insight for all participants.

Large wall-size maps literally display the big picture and important details in one format.  Capturing the images, stories and metaphors enriches the experience for participants. They can SEE that they have been HEARD.

Analytical and experiential information is easier integrated during the meeting and in follow-up communication.

A graphic recorder is trained in listening, synthesizing and taking visual notes in real time, in close collaboration with the meeting facilitators. She can also assist in designing other visual tools, such as templates, that help participants with generative thinking, set priorities and share their ideas with others.

David Sibbett wrote an excellent book about Visual Meetings.