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Transparent Thinking, Clear Decisions

The core business process for most organizations is THINKING. Yet, the meta-process of thinking itself seems to get scarce management attention. It's just assumed to run well, somewhere under the hood.

"Making Thinking Visible" is an eye-opening book  (by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church and Karin Morrison of the Harvard Graduate School of Education). "Research suggests that most people are not sharply aware of how they go about figuring out a problem or coming to a position on an issue".

The method identifies high-leverage thinking moves and thinking routines, for example: building explanations, making connections, uncovering complexity. Making these invisible thinking moves visible, is the first step to upgrade the current culture of thinking.

Some of the thinking routines already include visual tools, but not all of them. I see great value in matching them each with a visual approach, so you can See How You Think.

A culture of thinking may not sound like a very sexy strategy, until you consider the high cost and risk of rote, unconscious thinking processes. High quality thinking processes are the critical foundation for better decisions, more trust and optimal results.

I invite executive leaders to schedule a 20 minute introductory conversation to reflect on the current state of Thinking in your organization, and the vision towards a visible Culture of Thinking that creates the Insight, Problem-solving and Decision-making you need.