SketchVideo - Design and Production Process

Step 1:  We set up a time to meet in person, via Skype or over the phone. We frame the essence of your ideas and information. We brainstorm the elements for a short script, that is tailored for your audience. We discuss different styles of SketchVideos and decide which one is the best fit for your message and organization.

Step 2:  I write the script. You approve it. We record your voice-over.

Step 3:  I translate your story into visuals and draw a custom animated video. You review the first version.

Step 4:  I make the final edit, synchronize the video and audio. Background music brings it all together. 

Step 5:  You approve the final video and post in on your website or YouTube. Ready to connect!

Bonus!  You get 5 still key images of the video, that you can include in your website, presentations etc.

! Not included: Storyboarding.

If you need full control in advance on the visuals, characters, and the details of the visual storytelling, we need to agree on a different design process at additional cost.



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