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SIFT VISUALS started as LEGAL VISUALS in 2005 with the publication of Visual Language for Lawyers/Beeldtaal voor Juristen.

Since then Legal Visuals has taught hundreds of  lawyers how to think and communicate more visually, and has been an international innovator in legal information design and visual contracts.

Do you need Legal Information Design?

• Is legal awareness of your clients, users and employees a key factor for the success of your company or organization?

• Do you want to make legal information more accessible and usable?

• Do you feel legal topics are often discussed too late, or only with great resistance?

• Are you looking for innovative solutions to structure and present legal information?

Multi-disciplinary communication projects

• Legal Visuals are a unique component for multi-disciplinary communication strategies.

• We combine legal analytical thinking with a creative visual approach to find the balance between legal precision and user-friendliness .

• We help you to translate the legal concepts into clear visual language, and to bridge the needs of various groups of users and stakeholders.

A call for action

on visual contracts: 

to read or not to read?


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Interview about Legal Visualization

Call for Clarity conference,

NYC April 2016


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