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Visual Contract Make-Over

A hands-on workshop - adaptive to your event - from 2 to 4 hours to kickstart culture change  and redesign of contracting documents. 

For who? Every professional who is responsible for asking people to sign or agree with a contract, policy, waiver, consent form, notice, terms of service etc. and wants to improve their customer's experience. 

So, business owners, office managers, chief information officers, user experience designers, marketing strategists, and innovative lawyers.

Industry: health care, wellness, leisure and outdoors, online retail, online services, insurance, financial services, real estate, membership organizations.


• Look at your customer's experience with contracts and other legal documents through the lens of service design thinking.  

• Learn a simple design technique: deconstruct and reconstruct.

• Fix the fine print for one your contracts by using paper, scissors, sticky notes, tape and ready-made stickers with symbols and icons.

• Tips and ideas to easily get this document ready for your everyday transactions.

1) In-company: at your office or event location

2) Open registration:

Denver, Colorado, USA
December 7, 2016 11AM - 1 PM

January 17, 2017 5  - 7 PM

February 17, 2017 8 - 10 AM

​$295 per participant

The agreement gap

A short presentation - adaptive to your event - from 20 to 60 minutes for business group meetings, conferences and training events.

For who? business owners, chief information officers, user experience designers, marketing strategists, innovative lawyers.  
•  Raise awareness on the absurdity of our everyday contract-signing behaviours, and the commonly accepted practice to ask people to sign and agree while knowing that they haven't read the documents (whether in print or online), and have not been provided with any serious tool or effort to encourage them to do so. 

• Share stories and examples of organizations who raising their contracting standards.

• Motivate people to become an advocate for Fixing the Fine Print.