facilitation,TRAINING, communication


Complex issues need engagement of the entire system, so people connect and participate in shaping their own future.

Yes ... diverse stakeholders bring loud voices, quiet concerns,  big picture, fine details, solid data, fluid ideas, large projects, limited time, long term impact and short term momentum.

Open space calls for a clear structure, otherwise people feel lost, and visuals can support in providing this container.

Creative facilitation includes more people, in more energizing ways. By combining a variety of tools and methods*, Susanne creates a rich process  for ALL participants.

* Sources of  training and inspiration:

Generative Scribing - Kelvey Bird

Liberating Structures

Making Thinking Visible

Creative Compass practices - Susanne van der Meer

Social Sculpture

Visual teams, Visual Leaders - David Sibbett

the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook - Peter Senge

Susanne has a broad experience with large group conversations - often as part of a bigger facilitation team - on global peacebuilding, the legal system, immigration, environmental action, food systems, urban communities, conflict resolution, education, and organizational culture.