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The Story of SIFT Visuals

SIFT Visuals is the umbrella for big picture consulting, training & design services of Susanne van der Meer.

Susanne worked as an attorney and corporate lawyer in the Netherlands for twelve years. Recognizing the need for user-friendly ways to communicate legal information, she started to develop a visual language for lawyers. In 2005 she founded Legal Visuals. Since then she has deepened and broadened her expertise as facilitator/ information designer/strategic illustrator/creative consultant, far outside the legal box. She is a continuous learner, currently enrolled in a MA Philosophy program.

Organizations with different types of complex conceptual information have similar challenges and needs.  Even individuals benefit from visual support to envision their career and life transitions.

SIFT Visuals are created by blending information design, visual thinking, sensemaking,  critical analysis, graphic recording, plain language, user experience design, systems thinking, design thinking, community engagement processes, coaching, visual conversation tools, strategic visioning and conceptual illustration/visualization. They come in digital and hand-drawn media,  often blurring the lines between them.

Susanne is a solo-preneur, who loves to be a part of multi-disciplinary teams and is an excellent collaborator.

With a highly customized and collaborative approach we discover the right process, the right message and the right medium.

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The Roots of SIFT Visuals

Susanne's previous business projects and websites Legal Visuals, Agree Visually, Glowmapping, Peacemapping and SketchThinking needed some pruning and SIFTING. They all found their new home here.

Keeping these different services and industries separate no longer makes sense. Serious clients choose hand-drawn illustrations for their legal information, playful innovators sometimes prefer digital infographics, corporate projects need collaborative strategies to engage their teams, and lawyers want SketchVideos.

All their projects have one common goal:

Clarity That Moves People Forward.

Susanne has found that a constant connection to creative, intellectual, spiritual and social exploration and expression is vital to deliver unique & creatively inspired solutions to her clients, with great joy and dedication. Susanne therefore carefully nourishes the creative soil of SIFT Visuals. If you are interested, please visit

Good Mood Art and Good Mood Law

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